Vahagn Mikayelyan

Head of Lighting, Main Lighting Designer

Lighting in real life is different from lighting in television reality. The main lighting designer of the Public TV is Vahagn Mikayelyan, who knows the best how the light of a certain color will look on screen and whether it will be appropriate for the program format. He loves finding new color combination, is not afraid of bold lighting experiments. He is sure that light is an infinite resource and the beginning of everything.

He knows the “whims” of TV hosts very well and has a unique perception of beauty and aesthetics.

Since 1998, Vahagn Mikayelyan has been the lighting designer of the Dramatic Theater after H. Ghaplanyan, since 2003 - the main lighting designer of the same theater.

Since 2005, has worked in Sharm Holding as a lighting director.

Since 2013, has been the main lighting designer of the Public TV.